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Hair Salon Styling in Redmond, Oregon

Axis Hair Salon specializes in creating amazing natural hair looks for every guest that sits in our chairs. 


Take Time For Yourself Today

Searching for professional hair styling in Redmond, Oregon? Looking for one of the best hair salons out there? The amazing, iconic, and trending looks our clients love can be found at Axis Salon in downtown Redmond. Axis is much more than a hair salon. Our hair salon stylists have training from some of the top cosmetology institutes to deliver stunning elegance with every appointment. We’ve put together a curated portfolio of hair styling options for our clients to choose from. 

From special event hair to everyday flair, our professional hair styling in Redmond, Oregon, is the perfect way to change things up without cutting, highlighting, or coloring. These fabulous looks won’t damage your hair or cause breakage. If your locks are in need of a little extra love, then we’re happy to add a deep conditioning treatment to every hair styling session. 

There’s never been a better time to treat yourself to amazing hair styling at our hair salon.

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Redmond Hair Salon Professional Updo

Nothing says black-tie event better than an updo. This classic trend never goes out of fashion. But a few new twists, braids, and turns have risen up in the trending hairstyle scene along the way! Our hair stylists are experts at the traditional updo that captures a sense of romance and passion. High buns, low wispy updos, and intricate braids are great ways to stand out at any wedding or dance — or even a simple date night. 

If you’re looking for a modern edge to a timeless style, Axis Salon in Redmond, Oregon features creative updo hairstyles for every chic diva. Add in a few fashion colors with luxurious hair extensions, dazzle with chunky braids, or bring us your own inspiration from your favorite celebrity style icon. We guarantee you’ll love your professional hair styling services!

Redmond Hair Salon Bridal Hair

The big day deserves big hair. You’ll say “I do” to our amazing bridal hairstyles in Redmond, Oregon.

At Axis Hair Salon, we know every bride is unique. Is there a wedding hairstyle that’s been taking up space on your vision board? Do you have a fun themed ceremony or reception that needs some help embodying 1920s flair or Old Hollywood glam? Alternatively, maybe you’re just beginning the wedding planning process and haven’t settled on your perfect bridal hair quite yet. Wherever you are in the process and whatever your inspiration, our bridal hair styling team is here for you from pre-wedding trial styles to walking down the aisle.


Redmond Hair Salon Braids

Axis Salon isn’t simply the best luxury salon when it comes to fabulous haircuts. We’re the premier braiding salon in Redmond, Oregon!

Enjoy frizz-free braids and effortless style with a wide array of techniques. From box braids and boho braids to fishtail braids and everything in between, our hair styling experts are professionally trained to work with many different hair types and textures. Once your braids are installed, we’re happy to recommend the best salon products to keep your look going strong from one appointment to the next.

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Redmond Hair Salon The Blowout

Is there anything more fabulous than a blowout? Just watch the episode of New Girl where Jess and Cici get a blowout. We take professional blowout services seriously at our neighborhood hair styling headquarters. Every blowout appointment is guaranteed to capture the magic of a ‘fresh from the salon’ feeling. 

Indulge yourself with an extra-long shampoo, condition, and blow-dry service. Then, let us be in charge of your hair for a day while you sit back and relax. We’ll deliver expert flat ironing and hair curling to suit your preferences. Beachy waves? Long, luscious curls? Super straight bobs? Say no more, and let our glam squad do the ‘get ready with me’ work for you! Contact us to book an appointment for our professional hair styling in Redmond, Oregon.

We are Inspired by You

Your hair is your signature. Each hair strand tells a story and leaves an impression. Your hair is your statement, and it confidently announces who you are to the world. You can be whatever you want to be. The best hair styling in Redmond, Oregon brings your inner sparkle to life. 

At Axis Salon in Redmond, Oregon, you’ll enjoy hair styling that is focused on your style goals. We’re here to help your locks reach their full potential. Hair styling is an art, and our customers are our canvas. That’s why our friendly downtown neighborhood style team knows every guest that sits in our chairs. We listen, we observe, and we create — all with the inspiration of our fabulous clientele. 

We practice perfection. Now that we’ve covered our array of services for luxury hair styling in Redmond, Oregon it’s time to take a closer look and learn more about how Axis Salon customizes every appointment to fit your vision of flawless hair.

What’s the Special Occasion? 

Every occasion deserves gorgeous hair. We’re just an appointment away, no matter the event. In fact, working around our client’s busy schedules with flexible booking options is one of our specialties. 

A hair styling appointment is ideal for whenever your hair needs a revival. Cuts and colors are a commitment in terms of upkeep and maintenance. A big change isn’t always the hair decision we’re ready for. Maybe optional is for exquisite style instead for every event.

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